Again This Christmas -*- My Holiday ‘Music and More’ Gift -*- For You, For Life




Pace Your Self -*- Across Space and Time -*- Bring ‘Music’ (Your Spirit) to Life

Pace Your Self -*- Across Space and Time -*- Add ‘Music’ (Spirit) to Your Life

Pacing involves distinct Steps -*- Placed in Music and in Life:
1) Steps in Space -*- Notes (Melody and Harmony)
2) Steps in Time -*- Beats (Tempo and Rhythm)
Feeling Stuck? Unsure Where or How to Step?
When it seems there’s no Place for You to GO, Add More Time -*-
Take Your Time -*- Safely, at Your Current Place; Add ‘Steps in Time’ -*-
This will
a) Open more Space -*-
and will
b) Reveal more 1) Places to Step (‘Steps in Space’) -*- and 2) Places in Time (‘Steps in Time’)
-*- as WELL.
This is true for you and for all -*- for life -*- for as long as you live
Step by Step -*- Music and Life GO Together -*-
All Ways -*- Always
Pace Your Self -*- It is Your Place and Time
Bring ‘Music’ (Your Spirit) to Life -*- -*-
You Can Do This by Heart -*- Learn More:

Love 2 LIVE -*- Add Your Own Special TLC*

Simple TLC

It’s Your Turn 2 Care -*- Simply Flow in Harmony






Love 2 LIVE -*-


Add to the ‘Music’ -*- 

IT Can Happen 4 You as WELL

I ncrease the Love You Give;

T end to LIVE and Care (TLC*)


Be Your Own Positive Life Example -*-

Add Your Special TLC* as WELL


T end -*- Supportively Coach Your Life Spirit

L IVE -*- Positively Voice Your Life Spirit

C are -*- Complete Your Own Novel Life -*-


Key Life (Spirit) Coach/Musician/Author -*-

Jay Schimke


‘The Life Explorer’s Guide’, a novel companion for life, may also be of value to you. Connected life stories unveil ‘The Sound-Supported Steps -*- For Leading Lives’ -*- with ‘Notes from a Friend’ as ‘WELL’. GO Explore Free -*- Here, Now …

Also GO here for a ‘LIVE WELL’ musical video example.

Thank You -*-  I wish you WELL!