About Us

Jay Schimke, M.A. — Founder of WELL -*- Partners, brings a rich, diverse, engaging background that spans & connects —

How to …

1. Successfully Handle Personal Adversity in Life


2. Simply Help Oneself & Others to

— Adjust & Achieve,

— Add Balance 2 One’s Life, and

— Grow & Evolve.

His Key Professional Accomplishments extend across Corporate HR, Training, Coaching, Consulting, Counseling & Therapy — & More …

Author, Amateur Musician & Instrument Maker,

He fully integrates — in Writing, Speaking, Learning, Interacting & Presenting —

Clear, Simple, Connected Ways … to Comfortably Lead & Support One’s Life.

See this Background Information for More Details.

Explore Life — LIVE WELL — Results AZ WELL Partners


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello Jay:
    I was looking at your website, and I appreciate the positive motivational messages:) I’m working on a motivational campaign, too, that centers on the ‘Law of Attraction’ and am looking for affiliates – would you be interested in reviewing my product for cross promotion?

    • Thanks for your interest. I briefly reviewed your website and will need to take more time than I have available today to more thoroughly review what you offer. I encourage you to review my website at http://www.resultsazwell.com as ‘WELL’, as this will also help you clarify any connection across our offerings. I should be able to review your site within the next few days; and I will then reply again. Thanks again -*- Take Care.

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