Your Life: Well-LIVEd -*- WELL-Liked

imageBe Well-LIVEd -*- WELL-Liked:
‘LIVE’ Fully for Your Self -*-
Be A Positive ‘Life Example’ for Others as ‘WELL’
(LIVE WELL and Be Liked by You -*- Even if Now Rarely Noticed and ‘Liked’ by Others)
Love -*- to LIVE Your Life
For You, For, Others, For Life -*-
(-*- The Butterfly Dance -*-)
Wish This Could Be Easy to Remember And Do?

Even if this seems difficult now, Easy and Inviting Steps and ways to fully ‘LIVE’ are

*1) With you For Life,

*2) Reflected in the Simple Harmony of our life-supporting seasons, and

*3) Freely Available to you now -*- for Life. GO on … LIVE WELL -*-

GO Explore Free -*- Here, Now …



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