Actively and Positively -*- Love to LIVE WELL

Connect_Support_Guide — Your Life Source/Spirit*/Flow

UnheardAre You a Part of the Herd? … Or Standing Apart … and Just Trying to Be Heard?
Even if you have fully found your own authentic and distinctive voice … being heard these days can be especially challenging. ‘Herd behavior’ now runs as rampant as the once free-roaming buffalo … with only a few voices distinctly heard among the masses. If you feel lost in the crowd … and wonder if, how, or why … this seems to especially be happening to you … the truth is -*- you are far from alone.

Going unnoticed now routinely happens at many levels: 1) Near-instant ‘critical breaking news’ reduces ‘The Evening News’ to a mere recap and update of a select-few, already-known events of the day; 2) the few people who gain public attention are briefly showcased, elevated and highlighted … as notable winners, misfits, and even partial losers; and 3) new LinkedIn ‘Connections’ and Facebook ‘Friends’ are constantly added, yet few people claim to feel more connected … to more truly-close friends.

Getting and keeping attention is more difficult. Winning happens less, and attention spans are shallow and short-lived. Win or lose, well-intended or otherwise … our technology and quest to be more connected in life … has also left many feeling less noticed … less successful, less fully alive … and less connected — to others -*- and even to one’s life spirit.

Many who continue the struggle … go as unheard and unnoticed as those whose spirits have quietly shriveled. And the ‘biggest violators and complete losers’ who occasionally emerge … are clearly branded as ‘ill exceptions’ to the herd, and quickly dismissed, hidden, and discarded.. Good or bad, all in all, far more people feel left out, alone and even broken … than we hear about and acknowledge.

We continue to look to others for inspiration, validation, and support; and as this remains missing, we wonder … what has happened … why we’ve been left unheard, undiscovered, unfulfilled, and uninspired … and what, if anything, we can do. Progress that seemed doable in the past can seem nearly impossible now — leaving many to assume something must be wrong with themselves. We have collectively accepted ‘the competition game’ as our inherent required ‘path for life’; and few are stepping up to question this, change, seek, explore, try out, or champion other connected positive life pathways.

In the past we could do nothing, wait, or find something fun, relaxing or soothing -*- to prompt our inspiration to return. Now even these steps can fail to restore one’s spirit: The weight becomes heavier as the wait grows longer; what entertains is often short-lived; and what soothes us … can also continue … to drain the very life out of us.

A Senior Citizen Advocate recently described how this loss of life spirit often plays out among increasingly-passive residents in some institutions. As one’s life-directed actions lessen, life spirit silently fades; and lives become impaired and literally shortened. And while this ‘passive proceeding’ is already blindly leading to life-reducing and endangering consequences in such facilities, little is being noted about how this is also now happening at large … across human life. The growing loss of spirit is widely apparent: There’s more than a fiscal cliff ahead; and there’s little positive redirection … among the wandering human herd.

Beyond our quest to be competitive, we have also mistaken ‘what passively informs, entertains, and soothes’ as ‘what actively supports one’s life’. We are neglecting to actively nurture what positively connects and steers us -*- our own human spirit. This life-endangering ‘detachment’ is unknowingly happening at large. No protests, no demonstrations, no wake up calls … Not this time — Nobody seems to be saying much.

‘Staying actively involved with life’ has transitioned for many … to simply ‘being passive’. This leads to … less and less … championing of life. Our entire herd … including all who are wandering, unnoticed and ‘unheard’ … may be … nearing … a deadly avalanche.

Something more is needed now — to connect, guide, and support one’s life:  Life is calling: The time has come to rally around ‘This Life Calling’.  Active, self-initiated, well-intended, life-engaging, inviting, and supportive -*- ‘Nurturing One’s Ongoing Life Spirit’ -*- is now more than a self-investment or even a life mission:  This is our life-saving answer -*- to own this ‘Calling for Life’ -*- and our shared opportunity to support and extend life as well*.    

Do This Now … for Yourself … for Others -*- for Life:  Start with your Self -*- Be Human -*- Love to LIVE; Support Your Spirit and Care for Your Life.
Actively and Positively -*- Connect_Support_Guide Your Life *

GO Connect to The Source as You Find IT -*- Actively Nurture Your Spirit -*- Adjust and Continue the Connected Life Flow -*- Fully LIVE WELL !

1) G_ather Support: Get in-*-to Your Own Life Support Source -*-
Where and how you find ‘Life Support’ is uniquely personal to you -*- and is well beyond what others in life can provide to and for you alone. Whether you experience the connection in your heartbeat, through your breath, in the wind, among the cards, with music, across the seasons, from the earth, through the water flow, in the skies, with your Higher Power, or otherwise -*- I_ncrease the Love: You have this Source of Support, for Life.
(Being passive or headstrong now will only move you closer toward the cliff. GO in-*-to this Supportive Life Source; positively nurture your spirit *.)

2) O_pen the Way: Do ‘Life Spirit’ -*- Your Life Truly Depends on This -*- Take Steps; Actively LIVE!
(‘Do or Die’ is much more than a mere slogan; ‘Doing Life Spirit’ is central and critical to life -*-)
Actively participate: Support the positive direction and flow of your life, for life.
T_end to LIVE and Care (TLC*): Take Self-Directed Action -*- Proactively, for Life -*- in Diverse, Life-Connected, Supportive and Expansive Ways (fun, focused, reflective, restful).

Wish This Could Be Easy to Remember And Do?
Even if this seems difficult now, easy and inviting steps and ways to fully ‘LIVE’ 1) are with you for life, 2) are reflected in the simple harmony of our life-supporting seasons, and 3) are freely available to you now -*- for life. GO on … LIVE WELL -*-

GO Explore Free -*- Here, Now …


LIVE Fully -*- Be Heard Among the Herd:

Whether you choose to be part of the herd … or apart from the herd.
Across all types of weather …whether you find the beat … or are your own drummer -*-
Stay positively connected, securely grounded, and actively engaged in life, for life (all ways, always): Gather life-connected support and take life-engaging steps -*- in, across, and for life. This is the key -*- to comfortably guide your ongoing life_, voice your spirit*, and be heard.

Life -*- is Far More Than Winning a Game:
Actively Love -*- Positively LIVE * For Life …

You’ve got Spirit -*- (Yes You Do) Nurture IT -*-

Love to LIVE WELL -*- For You, For Others, For Life *


One thought on “Actively and Positively -*- Love to LIVE WELL

  1. It’s true, we do look to others to feel validated, inspired and for support. This was a great article!! I like this part the best, “life is not a winning game.” It puts so many things in perspective just by reading that one sentence. Thanks for the link. Terrific article!

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