Build Upon That ‘Still Small Voice’: Let ‘The Music’ in -*- to Your Life

8Ever notice the supportive notes/tunes/songs that emerge in your head from time to time?  Those small, barely-heard, soothing sounds … often in contrast with the chatter in your mind.  This ‘accompanying voice’ can ‘soundly’ serve you … to anchor … nurture … and enlarge your spirit -*- enabling you to positively shape, balance, and impact your day and your life.

It can happen anytime … even when stressed …, even across these frenzied days. Often most noticeable as you awaken, you may casually hear these ‘sound tones’  -*- somehow and somewhere adrift … floating among your competing thoughts, plans, and concerns. Let the music -*- simply lead you.

Whether a few patterned tones or entire songs, such supportive tunes really can help you.  Even if in doubt, try this: Listen to the notes -*- Provide your own anchoring steps -*- Add to the Music.

Do This to Build That Still Small Voice When You Hear a Pleasant Tune Inside: 

Acknowledge the supportive sounds; express this as you notice the flow.  As you breathe, gently extend the tune to yourself … convey it through successive ‘in and out’ relaxed ‘breath tones’ you take and make  -*- Soft, barely-audible, matching whistle-like sounds in your breath … that you alone can hear.  Briefly do just this much a few times (project the sounds on to yourself, by yourself), and you will positively guide your life spirit. Soon you will likely notice more emerging sound music … and recognize more opportunities to express it, enjoy it, anchor it, and add to it -*- as you bring it to life.

If this sounds unfamiliar to you, just listen for supportive ‘notes’, especially as you awaken.  And even if you have already been doing this (noticing & reproducing the sounds), you likely have yet to realize the full extent of life-enriching potential and value.

So Why Bother?

heart3One’s Life Spirit is needed to add energy to life.  Life Spirit -*-  is silently slipping away for many these days … and is going unnoticed by others.  Music that calls to you offers key elemental inspiration (a Heart-inspired Spirit) in your life, for life.  You can add to this -*- from the Heart -*- to help power your life.

Continue to Add ‘Music’ to Your Life in Your Own Ways: How positive sounds … connect to positive thoughts … and progress to sound, positive, life-supportive actions as well … has intrigued and perplexed people across the ages.  Now you can 1) proactively make the connections, 2) reliably link this to clear actions, and 3) experience transformative positive outcomes for yourself.  Choose and do what fits for you.  Try more of this -*- from the heart -*- to continue to add music to your life: Gently Hum Along; Sing or Play Along; and Blend Other Positive Actions that Fit for You, and you’ll extend the inspiration to your day and life as well.  Supportively expand this -*- ‘Add to the Music’ in your life each day. Simply/Soundly/Supportively -*- Add Your Own Style -*- ‘Music’ From the Heart -*- to Your Life. Own Your ‘Lifestyle’: Anyone from any lifestyle … can supportively add … their own inspiring ‘music’ … their own style -*- to their own life … with caring positive action … each day. It’s Your Life -*- GO LIVE IT -*-

Sounds Too Simple? Decades ago, as I pursued my education, my father, who said he was never depressed, shared his simple wisdom: “Get up in the morning and hear the birds sing.” -*- He’s long gone now -*- and the music goes on. Somehow I’ve learned to better appreciate his heartfelt echo -*- as more than a bird-brain notion.
Need Clinical Proof? I repeatedly saw my mother, as an active nurse, casually stroll home after her hospital night shift -*- with a gentle supportive rhythm in her step. Both parents told me of my many infant nights they had sat up with me -*- rocking and soothingly singing -*- to ease my congestion and free my breath. I later witnessed the caring rush of the medical team -*- as they wheeled Barney Clark with his newly-implanted artificial heart -*- monitoring and tending to that first beating device. These hearts long ago stopped ticking; and mine has kept on going -*- past brain surgeries, across more decades, to this time and beat -*- joining your heart and the individual sound beats -*- still occurring and continuing on … in you now, as well.

The ‘sound’ elements that comprise music (melody-harmony-tempo-rhythm) really do begin in the heart -*- and power one’s life spirit. Life starts with … and is nourished and sustained by … one’s ‘sound’ heartbeat. You can find that still small voice in your own heartbeat -*- and you can also note your own heartfelt examples of when ‘the music’ has supported, freed and enlarged your spirit. This continues on, for life … in-*-to your life, as ‘well’. GO on -*- simply build upon it; add rhythm to your steps, with each beat and breath. Love to LIVE: Just as you would support and nurture an infant, you can encourage that still small voice in you. 

Summary -*- Do What You Can Do For Yourself -*- 4 Life

Listen to ‘The Music’ -*- Take Your Own Steps -*- Add to This.

Prosper in Harmony, from the Heart, with ‘Life Spirit’ -*-

With every breath you take -*- and each step you make,

Through It All -*- There Is Love*


Be Your Own Inspiring Life-Affirming Example:
Build Upon that ‘Still Small Voice’ -*- Let ‘The Music’ Simply Lead You

GO on … Add to IT … LIVE WELL -*- For ‘Goodness’ Sake.


‘The Life Explorer’s Guide’, a novel companion for life, may also be of value to you.

Connected life stories & anchoring music unveil The 8 ‘Sound’ -*- Life Spirit Key Steps

GO Explore Free -*- Here, Now …


Keep the Music Alive -*-

Please share with others …

Thank You -*- I wish you WELL!


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