Be ‘Instrumental’ -*- Add 2 the ‘Music’ in Your Life



He didn’t need to know much about music to appreciate this.  Even without the sound, he could see the music in her actions -*-  And when she eventually paused, he mentioned this.


Together they looked at this life-revealing list -*- and noticed how it unveils sound reasons to support and express one’s ‘self’ as well:



Becoming the Life Musician -*-

These same reasons likely apply to you — in and throughout your life — as well -*-

Positively voice your spirit -*- through your words and well-intended actions.

It’s OK; GO ahead … Unlock the ‘Music’ -*- Be ‘Instrumental’.


‘The Life Explorer’s Guide’, a novel companion for life, may be of value to you as well.

Connected life stories unveil ‘The Sound-Supported Steps -*- For Leading Lives’.

GO Explore Free -*- Here, Now …


Thank You -*- I wish you WELL!


4 thoughts on “Be ‘Instrumental’ -*- Add 2 the ‘Music’ in Your Life

  1. Jay, thanks for this. I’ve also found music to be the ideal place to express and explore spirituality. Music enlivens the heart, helping us go far beyond theories disguised as the “spiritual life.” Plus, it’s just good fun. Thanks again. Tom

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