LIVE WELL: Like Adding Tunes to Your ‘Favorite Music’, Add Breadth to Build Your ‘Life and Spirit’

These challenging times are continuing to test us all.  Patience and faith are wearing thin.

Feel like you deserve something better (or more) in life?  Nurture your life and your spirit; Add positive actions; Produce and discover rewarding outcomes.  Try this:

Add a simple rhythm to the flow of these ‘Notes & Steps for Leading Lives’ as you read this at a comfortable pace (also available at


This ‘Dance called Life’ has versatile connected steps to Skip, March, Sooth, and Rest.

All connected to even more.  Notice this as well:

See how all below aligns with & accompanies these music notes (All of this and more is present, life-encompassing, & powerfully supportive -*- even if some may seem unclear):


* The flow of our recurrent life seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) clockwise from the left.



* Key Actions (at the center) & Outcomes (surrounding elements) to ‘LIVE’ Life in Harmony.



Also picture and notice these Supportive Connections for Your Self -*- Across Time, Heart Rates, Music Tempo and Rhythms, and Our Life & Space as WELL:

* Our familiar 12 Hour Clock Time (picture ‘6’ at bottom, ‘9’ on left, ’12’ on top, ‘3’ on the right)
* Minutes & Seconds Time (ongoing ‘0’ to ’60’ clockwise progressive incremental flow)

* Individual Heart & Pulse Rates (60 Rest, 90 Play, 120 Work, 90 Receive) Beats per Minute
* Matching Music Tempo Variety (60, 90, 120, … Adjust & Choose OnGOing Beats per Minute)

* Diatonic Music 8 Note Structure (8-1 Rest, 2-3 Play, 4-5 Work, 6-7 Receive)
* Matching Chord Type Sequence (Major, Minor, Major, Minor-Diminished)

* Chromatic Music 12 Note Structure (Identical to 12 Hour Clock Time)
* Matching ‘Circle of 5ths’ Progression (Recurrent Full Circle Music Cycle)


Need more proof and encouragement to get ‘Harmony in Motion’ in your life?

Explore the music connection at, and picture and notice these and other Supportive Life Connections as WELL:

* ‘All as One’ Quadrant Cues to ‘LIVE’ Life (L augh, I mprove, V alue, E nergize)
* ‘GO’ on:  ‘Receive/Give’ 2-Step Time/Actions as ‘WELL’ (Take/Spend, Gather/Open, Notice/Appreciate, Inhale/Exhale)

* Matching ‘All as One’ Quadrant Supports (‘IT’s OK’, ‘[We] One’, ‘O Lord’, ‘[All] AlWays’)?
* Corresponding Astral & Other Projections (12 Astrological Signs Span the 4 Quadrants)?

So much is supportively connected … with much more to be discovered & noticed -*- in & about our evolving Life-Love-Music-Spirit -*- … Soul


LIVE as You GO -*- All is WELL -*- Positively Voice Your Spirit -*-  Wherever You Are … With All That You Do … Keep the Music Alive -*-