Love 2 LIVE WELL (Heart-Centered Action Really Can Help You Now)

Tired of waiting for these challenging times to end?  Many trusted ways to get places have disappeared; and few clear, positive new paths have emerged.  It’s time to regear and redirect — to keep your spirit alive and get what you want in life. You’ve heard that these changing times require a change of heart; here’s ‘what to do’ to positively use your heart to change, produce, and reach positive outcomes:  Combine Patience & Passion 4 Life -*- A Unique TLC* Blend of Compassion in Action.

This final article in my ‘Balance Your Life: Like Riding a Bike …’ series is intended to 1) connect at the heart and 2) make it easier to lead & support your life. You may find it helpful to also read my opening article and the ‘GO LIVE’ article, as they literally spell out the life-supported steps to GO achieve and LIVE for the balance.  Below I unveil & add ‘what IT takes & what to do’ to evolve & grow through life as WELL -*- (W ant to grow or become secure, E nable this, L IVE for the Balance, L ove to LIVE).

(Note: This is especially concise, as reading time can be brief & much competes for your attention. The many included links will lead you to more, as you desire.)

Keep GOing (You Already Have What IT Takes) …

Like the motors and rechargeable batteries that power & support the emerging, electric, energy-saving E-Bikes  — ‘Love to LIVE’ is what powers & supports you to GO on with life. This ‘central motor & power supply package’ is already in your heart -*- securing and equipping you to generate action… and anchor, balance, and stabilize yourself during your onGOing life journey. This is what IT takes to comfortably transport you where you want to go. If this sounds ‘out there’ or unclear, a child-eyed review of ‘how magic simply happens in life’ may help focus, clarify, and rekindle your own heart-felt faith, curiosity, and action:

Simple Magic -*- & More

As Simon (seeking easier ways and taking notes) discovered in ‘The Life Explorer’s Guide’, children often find connections and pathways to change through simple ‘magic’:

As he continued on his journey, Simon ran into an old college professor, who drew a simple picture … to help summarize shared discoveries.  See the ‘world picture’ above or use your imagination to add color to this for your ‘self’:

Simon expressed his gratitude … and continued on.  Eventually he noticed unexpected connections across the Life Steps notes he had assembled.  He circled the initial letters … to simply remember what to do:

The Heart-Centered Life  -*-  How IT All Fits & Flows (& Why Bother)

The more you feel bothered in life, the less rewarding your time and your life in total will be.  You deserve to be comfortable.  Clear directions can help.  Yet IT takes an energetic heart and more to navigate, steer, and comfortably progress through life — especially when prior pathways seem blocked.  A clear map can point to easier ways to GO … yet these days finding the magic of ‘moving on and getting there’ can be challenging.

Still, just as you and others can learn to do this, in time Simon discovered how to do ‘IT’ as WELL.  And while ‘Love to LIVE’ sounded appealing, he found that ‘getting places’ also involved supported, life-engaging ‘action’.  So he made a minor change to the final note above, as you see below. This … and his own actions also built his appreciation for ‘heart-centered giving’ — as is highlighted and anchored below.  Notice for your ‘self’ where the flow begins with ‘Give’:

Life can seem complicated …, and you may be surprised to see how the final step to Love 2 LIVE uniquely combines, includes, and summarizes all the others above … while also echoing something you’ll find familiar … that is easy-to-remember … as WELL:

What You Can Positively Do    -*-    

Start With Your ‘Self’.  Add to the ‘Music’.  Nurture Your Spirit.   Explore & Discover the Magic as WELL.  Like a compass points to diverse connected directions, this points to connected ways to lead & support your life.

Combine Patience & Passion 4 Life  -*-  A Unique Blend of Compassion in Action.

‘Find Pure Passion in Time’:  LIVE from the Heart — Do IT Now!  This free link from The Life Explorer’s Guide simply combines IT All 4 & With You  -*-  Steps, Music & More:  Get Started With  Your Own Heart-Centered Action Plan.

Self -*- Compassion:  Feeling more compassion for pets & animals than people and/or your ‘self’?  Want to explore a change?  These Key Life-Engaging Passages may help.  GO here as WELL.

Heart-Centered Action:  Nurture Your Spirit

IT is Your Life – Time – and Turn – 2 LIVE WELL.  Time, Music & Our Seasons Are Supportively Connected.

The 12 hours of the clock face equal the 12 encompassing half-steps that comprise music.

The 4 heart-indicated times (12, 3, 6, 9) mirror the flow of our harmony of seasons & echo the ways/steps/outcomes/measures to LIVE.

Pacing connects Time & Space in Life

Like Rhythm & Tempo connects Notes in Music.

Get Harmony in Motion  .*.

Next Steps:  -*- GO .. LIVE Comfortably … Add Support.

Why This is So Critical Now:

For many of us, life inside & outside has been feeling less accommodating to our comfort & our progress than we knew in the past.  Technology has marched on, and some around us seem unaffected.  Yet most cite onoing pressure, the weight of uncertainty, and growing divisiveness.  Many who once progressed … now struggle, some have made changes, and except for those few whose actions have drawn attention, many still plug along relatively quietly as they wait for conditions to change.

Meanwhile, ‘the systems, devices, and conditions’ that have helped to ‘support our comfort’ (climate control, entertainment, vehicles, jobs and more) have also ‘fostered our reliance’ … such that 1) when these are inactive, faulty, or missing … and 2) it comes to ‘managing one’s own comfort’ — many of us are now less apt, able, and active.  The ‘diminishing of one’s life-spirit and life-directed action’ can be gradual, easy to miss, progressive, and life-endangering.  Some still wait, some have made changes, some have given up, and some have already turned on themselves or others.  And, while some now even claim that ‘managing their own comfort’ is not their personal responsibility, some do GO on … and assert that they and we … are more than … just a ‘sum’ of these parts.

What’s So Difficult:  The nature of a struggle is that IT is unwelcome.  Yet nature’s own ‘evolving butterfly’ example and more shows us that, while a struggle may change our form, IT can also 1) keep us connected at the heart, 2) and provide us with new skills to GO further in life … in new, more, or other ways.

And while IT takes a near-death experience for some to again embrace their life-connection, we are collectively nearing the point … to more easily see … how this struggle .. also leads … to a renewed, continuing ‘opportunity’ … 2 LIVE WELL.  Some who have met ‘a brush with death’ report their clear ‘heart-felt gratitude’ to simply be alive.  Thankfully for all, IT is now time to connect and LIVE again, … by heart … as WELL:

How You’ll Know You Are Doing “IT’:   As you begin to feel and notice gratitude, you will begin to know you have began the transition to new or other ways to GO on with life.  Pain and/or fear may at first accompany this … and ‘IT’ can initially seem to make little or no sense.  You may also find your ‘self’ wanting to GO back to your familiar and seemingly safer and more reliable former ways — and possibly also wanting to ‘check out’ or ‘get even’.  Yet you will eventually discover A) that ‘IT is OK’, B) that support continues to be available 2 and 4 you, and C) to proceed with life, you must go on, and you can GO on ….    Continue to breathe fully … You really can rest assured — as you will continue to learn and discover more.  This is less about ‘where you are’ than ‘what you do, wherever you are’.

GO on … Love 2 LIVE.

The weight (wait) is over.  IT is time to strengthen your spirit and GO on with life.  As you begin to feel that hint of gratitude, you are again recognizing this onGOing evolving opportunity.  You really can take positive supportive action -*- and produce rewarding results.  This is key and life-critical now:  Add to the music …  Take heart-centered steps to champion your own life. -*-  Love 2 LIVE WELL.

Why Taking Care of Your ‘Self’ is Key:  As you may have found (and may have also seen in My Own Key Life-Critical Link), your own self-criticism can be your chief deterrent to your own progress as you transition to taking heart-centered action 2 LIVE WELL.  This is a key reason why IT is so important to begin … and to continue … to take care of your own needs first … 4 your ‘self’ … as you GO on with life.

Caring for Others in life is life-critical, life-engaging, and life-promoting as WELL.  My next article, ‘Helping Others Along the Way’, will address this.  I encourage you to check back … or follow this blog … for more -*- as WELL.

Voice Your Spirit.  Enjoy your journey … positively take clear Heart-Centered Action -*- Love 2 LIVE WELL (Notes Actions Outcomes Measures … 4 Life).  Embrace The Art of Leading From Your Heart.

Love 2 LIVE WELL …