GO LIVE Your Life: Ongoing Life Balance — Like Riding a Bike

20120630-091429.jpgSo … you know you’ll ‘never forget’ how … yet you haven’t been doing much riding lately? If so, you’re not alone — Many people are staying close to home during these challenging times. The good news is: You can continue to casually explore in other ways as well.

My recent article, ‘Life Balance: Like Riding a Bike …’, has ‘simply connected’ globally with readers and riders. Wherever you are and wherever you go, this additional information to GO LIVE may help you and others to comfortably go on — and smooth your ongoing journey as well.

Notice how ‘GO’ & ‘LIVE’ are capitalized in the title above? These letters and words aptly summarize & point to critical, seldom-noticed, elemental steps to simply 1) positively proceed toward any intended destination — and also 2) ‘comfortably lead and support one’s life’. Sounds unlikely?  Way too simple?  Go on … explore, digest, and try this for yourself.

GO: Just as you pedal with an up & down flow — and breathe with ongoing ‘in & out (inhale/exhale)’ actions — we really do make our way in and through life (adjust & achieve — live & do more) with a connected yet often-invisible ‘dual-action’ flow. All who live actually do this, often unknowingly — proceeding along with this combined motion. We each and all successively Gather resources & Open the way with actions. Even your own heartbeat offers ‘living proof’ of this ‘receive/give’ life flow. Anyway, even if you’re unsure, the word ‘GO’ provides an easy, helpful, elemental way to convey, remember, and positively ‘do things’ in life. Pedal & ‘GO‘ — in many existing and evolving ways: G ather Resources; O pen the Way with Actions.

We rarely think about this as we ‘GO’ through life. We just ‘step on the pedal’ and routinely assume that a single ‘push’ is all it takes to go forward. We fail to realize how we also ‘pull’ — to mobilize & use existing resources to do this. It’s understandable that we fail to notice; as this so often seems ‘automatic’ or ‘just happens’. Yet the flow and mix of this ‘action combination’ is life-central and far from inconsequential. Even mere ‘information’ about this is a valuable ‘resource’:  Just as you already notice and may be doing something about the gasoline consumption your car uses, you can do positive things in your life with ‘information’ about the resources you need and are using.

‘Resources’ in life include far more than hot air or gas: They are the natural supporting elements — the ‘what it takes’ with matching actions in life, to literally live & grow. Something this fundamental, ongoing, and life-central for us — is true of life around us as well. Notice how Simon, a character who was seeking simpler ways in life, observed this ‘connection in nature’ in this passage I wrote many years ago (from The Life Explorer’s Guide):

GO On … — As I wrote in my previous post, there really are distinct Types of Resources that individually & collectively provide Elemental Support in Life; yet knowing all about these elements & the mechanics of combining them is less critical than simply taking action with the support they provide. Much like hopping on one’s bike and proceeding to ride, we rarely think about all the ‘Resources’ we need and use (e.g. the bike, our motivation, pedaling & balancing skills, & more) as we casually GO through life. Yet we really GO nowhere without the instrumental resources that enable us to ‘Open the way with Actions’. We really can & do adjust and achieve from the word ‘GO’.

This is true for all that lives, grows, and makes adjustments in life. We often assume that certain scarce or difficult-to-add Resources (e.g. money, materials, people) can help us to get (add, adjust, achieve) what we want in life, yet available existing ongoing Resources enable us to literally survive & live. Many of these Resource Elements are freely available:

You also have already survived across the seasons many times.  When in doubt or unsure what you need to ‘continue on’, a helpful, available choice often is to simply gather ‘Information’. This valuable Key Resource can help to clarify your Direction — and lead you to other Resources as well. If you doubt that ‘Information’ has value, notice how something called ‘Information Technology’ has grown to become ‘everywhere’ — and is now enabling you to read this message, wherever you now are.  Information truly is powerful, can be found in many places, can be gathered in many ways, and is often freely available.  It is often ‘the resource you need’ when ‘you don’t know what you need’.  Simply ‘begin to look’ for information — & you will start to find it.  Continue on …

GO On … Fully LIVE —
While you can go in all directions on your bike, you soon learn to GO to where you want to go, at the pace you prefer. You can also learn to GO LIVE your life as you want to live it. As I mentioned in my previous article, this is less about ‘where you are’ than ‘what you do wherever you are’.  The example of ‘life across our seasons’ highlights our ‘life context’ and points to clear ways for us to lead & support our lives, for the balance, as well.  These additional excerpts from The Life Explorer’s Guide may help to clarify how to ‘LIVE as you GO’, wherever you are — & with whatever you do:

Fully LIVE … All Ways — LIVE 4 The Balance as You Continue 2 GO Through Life.

Just as you GO take action to pedal and maintain your balance on your bike, you can GO take action to adjust, achieve, and Improve — as you Work your way through life.  And — what’s more — You can GO take balanced action to comfortably lead & support your life as well. And just as ‘balanced actions’ on your bike can carry you to places you want to go, ‘balanced ongoing actions in life’ can carry you to positive outcomes you want, as you GO.  Notice how the ‘life actions’ shown above lead to the balanced ‘outcomes’ to ‘LIVE’ shown below:

As Simon would later discover in The Life Explorer’s Guide, each component to LIVE is comprised of ‘give/receive action pairs’ that positively lead/GO with a ‘dual-action’ flow.  Like Gathering & Opening in all directions, each action pair has a distinctive, natural rhythm  (GO here as well, for more Information about the matching rhythms, how our life domain is linked to our learning domains, & more).  As shown below, together this 1) mirrors the changing, connected pace of our seasons — and 2) simply leads to balanced outcomes to ‘LIVE’ in diverse, connected ways:

Notice how the word ‘LIVE’ appears as the overall ‘outcome’ of ‘life in balance across the seasons’.  Unlike the plants rooted in the earth, we can move about — supported by Resources on Earth — able to take action & GO in different ways across all seasons.

Just as a smooth ride on a bike depends on proper pressure in the tires, moving comfortably through life depends on the amount of pressure & support in your life.  A tire gauge ‘read out’ provides an ‘indicator’ of the pressure in our bike tires. You can read out the word ‘LIVE’, and use this ‘indicator’ to assess & adjust the comfort & pressure in your life as well.   Doing this involves more than ‘adding or reducing air’, yet we can easily 1) check to see how we’re feeling/how things are going, 2) notice if we ‘LIVE’ each day, and 3) adjust our actions and resources — to comfortably flow along & continue to progress.  It’s your turn:  GO on … LIVE your life as you prefer!

The ‘balance of our seasons’ provides our best outside example of ‘harmony in motion’:

As you’ve seen in this message and have experienced in life, this ‘harmony in motion’ extends across the seasons, with a changing, yet connected pace (rhythm & tempo).  Just as we commonly seek a smooth ride on a bike, people often seek to explore, discover, live, grow, & flow through life in comfortable, rewarding ways.  Much like feeling the presence of a comforting ‘melody’ in life, all of this parallels another avenue of ‘support in life’:  Music.  Thus, perhaps it’s only natural that I’ve ventured into ‘music’ as well — as music supportively delivers sound actions with positive outcomes when these elements — melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo — are aligned:

Like harmony accompanies a melody in music, major & minor support can happen for you in life.  When 1) ‘positive life examples’ that span ‘our 4 ongoing seasons’ and ‘music in life’ align and 2) clear resources, steps, pathways, & outcomes appear and emerge … it becomes easier for us to comfortably lead & support our lives.  As quickly revealed above (and more completely in The Life Explorer’s Guide that combines key life stories, life-engaging music and more) … Wherever you are, wherever you GO, you really can take clear positive actions to ‘LIVE WELL‘.

My previous message introduced ‘What IT takes’ to ‘comfortably lead & support your life’:  Want to Grow or Become Secure.  This message unveils how to Enable This (GO) and Live (LIVE in Harmony) for the Balance.  The next message will reveal the final component — Love to LIVE — to ‘LIVE & Do WELL‘ in life.

After a decade in surprisingly discovering & assembling this — and 2 more decades of refining and helping others ‘do’ this — I continue to be as amazed by the ‘spelled out promise’ as I am by the evolving & life-expanding supportive reach.  I hope you find value & a use for this in your life as WELL.   I also invite you to Follow this Blog or Check back to receive the next message, to complete this overview.

Ongoing Life Balance: IT’s Like Riding a Bike … You really can keep your balance — casually explore, fully celebrate, and GO farther in life. LIVE as you GO … GO on — Fully LIVE. Voice your spirit.  Enjoy the journey …

GO Even Farther in Life — Love 2 LIVE WELL … (My next article is coming soon). Again, I wish you WELL. — Results AZ WELL Partners


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